Bible Plots 2016

Painter about the biblical cycle:


The Light is God’s favor given to man to use it for the purpose of humanity and progress.”


The beginning and the end, the whole cosmos is the light and spirituality.

Mystery of creation,  leaves you breathless… While you  silently make further steps  looking for answers, the signs appear to guide us…

Every work of art is a system of signs that participate in the relationship between the artist, who created them, and those who use them.

The deepest silence and deafening thunder, words one by one calling me from the symbols shining in the dark like the brightest torch…just calling, that I can see them…

Blissfulness of formation, creation, life, hope, faith, resurrection..

In the most restive, dark and alienated times, we thrive for clarity and spiritual renaissance.

Art can no more play with senses when we expect to give us harmony, answers and show us the way to them.

The symbol in the painting has several levels of meaning, which possess the character of multiplying and changing so that the meanings of one thing become – new one.