Vogue Italy

The famous fashion and art magazine Vogue Italy, recognized and rewarded the effort and energy incorporated in each photography that our artist make, by publishing them in their online magazine. More information you can find at the following link 


Shadows of the morning 28-06-2017

Hair of woods 10-07-2017

 Golden lines 12-07-2017

Street gallery 19-07-2017

Lines of life 02-08-2017

 A small house of secrets 30-08-2017

A couple 13-09-2017

Cavo elettrico 26-09-2017

Roots of life 26-09-2017

Confida alla Gloria 07-11-2017

Piece of sun 29-11-2017

Light of centuries 15-01-2018

Entrance 29.01.2018

A blue beginning of spring  13-02-2018

The violet spring  19-02-2018

Harmony of the late winter  21-02-2018

Montenegro , the roof of Mediterran 14-03-2018

The Stone Wall 26-02-2018

The door of light, 06-03-2018

The drops of colours 07-03-2018

Montenegro, Roof of Mediterran 14-03-2018

The Red roof 25-04-2018

The Red trace of Life 12-06-2018

The Mediterranean Pink 12-06-2018

The green symphony of Summer  13-06-2018

The sound of silence of Boka bay  18-06-2018

The Joy of violet 19-06-2018

The hand of clouds 25-06-2018

A road markets of fruits 25-06-2018

Four pieces of sunshine 26-06-2018

Serpentine 16-07-2018

The Bridge of Peter 18-07-2018