Kavarić at K35 Art gallery | Moscow

K35 Art Gallery Easter exhibition is devoted to Nebojsa Kavarić’s biblical series, masters most mature, enlightened and expressive paintings to make the first encounter with. Exhibition uncovers the topic of spirituality in the new era of metamodernism: religious plots and symbols of Florentine school reach our world through the personal existential experience and free perception of the artist

Calm pure harmony of the images reaches us through the veil of centuries and mystifications with text and numeric codes. Kavarić’s paintings invite us unto mysterious labyrinth of human civilization to find the light we often lose in the abyss of doubts.

K35 Art Gallery was founded in December, 2008. The main line of Gallery’s activity is exhibiting world-wide acknowledged and emerging international and local (Russian) art.

Gallery pays high attention to educational events regularly hosted at its space (meetings with artists, FAQs with curators, art-movies shows, master-classes etc.).

K35 Art Gallery has presented more than 20 exhibitions and art-projects for the following artists:

Andy Warhol (3 part project with more than 70 works on paper shown)

Marc Quinn

Oleg Tselkov (one of the most prominent soviet-era artist)

Omar Galliani

Sam Shaw (classical photographer from the 50/60-s Hollywood period)

Gunter Brus (the most famous Vienner Actionist)

Franco Fontana, Franziska Klotz, Kristine Suhr, Wang Yi Guang,  Ja’bagh Kaghado, Vladimir Mackevich, Igor Ilchuk and others.

Also, Gallery regularly organizes pop-up art projects at museums and art-venues (Spazio Mazzotta in Milan, Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto in Venice, State Historical Museum in Moscow and others).

K35 Art Gallery takes an active part in Moscow art life, including presentation of exhibition projects at Moscow biennales of contemporary art, at Moscow photo biennales and at Moscow Art Week program.