Fragments of TOUCH in Ex Chiesa Santa Chiara Murano, Venice


Fragments of TOUCH  by Nebojsa Kavaric

Venue: Ex Chiesa Santa Chiara Murano, Venice  16.12.2017.-31.07 2018


“Touch”, an erotic painting exhibition of renowned Montenegrin artist Nebojsa Kavaric, will open its doors for the first time in autumn 2017 in Venice.  His monochromic nudes possess fierce energy that captivated the viewer for the first time. To achieve the hypnotic effect, Kavaric paints with his fingers, giving his tenderness and passion straight to the canvas. He uses brushes only on the final stage of painting. Despite original style, Kavaric’s painting is flesh of flesh of Montenegrin art tradition, aiming at exploring a human, his inner world and search of harmony with the surrounding beautiful nature.



Each one of the twenty erotic paintings is the praise of feminine beauty, adored by men. Sometimes, it is enough to see the smile, curve of the neck, glimpse elegant foot for man to fall in love. Paintings of “Touch” series have not story, it is a wave of exciting hints: a kiss, a caress, desire, a man’s hand on woman’s bosom, inviting look, kiss of strangers in Venetian masks… Kavaric himself tells the following about his work: “Touch… This is magic, the main instrument to achieve artist’s dream. First touch starts a painting, the final stroke breathes life in it. I paint with my fingers and finish it up with brush. That’s what makes my paintings real. Paintings give emotional and sensual impulse straight to the audience. The painting offers you to complete it with your imagination, emotions, fantasy. Each of us has his own sensual experience that you can live through again by looking at these paintings. As an author, I would like my viewers not only to see my paintings, but to touch them. Share your secret with a painting, and it will return you it’s energy and warmth. I believe it is worth visiting this exhibition with your beloved one. If you take each other’s hand while looking at these paintings, I will consider my artistic mission fulfilled.”


Exhibition “Touch” in Venice takes place with support of Art project “Art Touch Art”,

created by Sanja Lekic e Vukica Todorovic.