Keeper of the secrets

In the fluid interspace between the parallel universes, my world exists. A world made of high bare mountains, deep dark abysses and black trees without leaves. My home is an ancient temple, that sleeps on the dry, cracked ground. Hundreds of corridors, divided with mossy walls, hide the fragile pieces of my soul. At crumbled mind staircases my subconscious is knitting silky spider webs of thoughts. Scattered over the floor lay the old pastels made of melancholy and sweet depression. Through passages, over the walls, over the pavements, the heavy mass of dimness rolls. As the soldiers of vision, the lanterns made of traces of the past and signs of the future, try to fight it, alas they burn out so fast.

I’m an ancient keeper of the secrets, entrusted with the most precious secret, a seal of eternity.  A seal that smells like life and shines like an honesty. A seal that opens every door and locks every padlock. The keeper has been chosen by the energy forces of eternity and it must be a counterweight to the seal itself, meaning it must contain, manage and indulge the darkness.   The keeper shouldn’t disturb the energy currencies around the seal, the currencies that keep the balance between light and dark, positive and negative, between me and the rest of the world. Therefore, I’m mute, dumb, speechless. I slide on the waves of quietness and move things with my eyelashes.

In my world, I’m not alone. Deep down, in the catacombs under the temple, there is a room. A room without windows, made of thick stone walls. There is a small room door, chained in heavy chains with a padlock big as the door itself. That room hides the best-kept secret of all. A Beast.  It is not just any Beast, it’s the most horrifying Beast of all, the one that could rip this world in pieces and demolish the temple with one move. It carries the volcano in its chest and speaks in hurricanes. Its grip breaks every bone in a body. Its breathing resonates pain.  It could snap any stability axis and tear any mind apart. There is an unbreakable link between the Beast and the seal and if you kill the Beast, the seal will break. Every December 22nd, I go down to inspect the padlock at the door. Always the same thing happens, I reach the door, the Beast wakes up and starts to whisper sinisterly through the door: “…”. In that moment seal begins to emit light and starts to pull me toward the door. Breathlessly, I check the padlock and I run. With Beast’s words echoing in my mind, I run, as fast as I can, crushing the bones of silence under my feet.

Years went by, my world prevailed, along with the Beast locked in the bowels of the temple. I’m maybe a coward, but I’m a good keeper. For how long…I do not know..  Very often I wonder, what will happen if the padlock breaks. So far, there is no fear, I keep things under control, I’m the master of my temple.

The only problem is this annoying urge that keeps following me around, an urge that ignites fear, panic, addiction and passion in me, an urge to open the door.