I’m listening to the rain

I’m listening to the rain…pattering… echoing…through my silence, through my rest.
Making an order in orderless.
Leveling what is unevenly.
Reducing what is excessive.
I’m standing on the cliffs of Monet’s Belle Ile Rain effect…The raindrops fall on my eyelids and cheeks…with my eyes shut, with face and palms facing the sky, I’m trying to capture a moment hidden between the drops.
I’m listening to the rain and in the distance, I hear the roar of thunder slowly approaching. The cold wind is getting colder and stronger, cunningly sneaking its sharp claws under my coat, ripping the skin along my spine. I put down my arms, I open my eyes, trying to see what’s coming, while the rain drives in rivulets down my neck. As far as I can see, there is no lighthouse, nor the lamp, nor the candlestick, there is nothing…only the deceptive lightning that momentarily flashes and dies in the sea foam.

I do not know what is coming, but the adrenaline starts to pulse through my veins, making me ready, ready for battle, for wounds, for blood, ready for whatever creates that deafening noise, for whatever that bloodthirstily rides that storm… As it’s getting closer, the more familiar it sounds…the rain is getting stronger… the wind is getting colder.

I close my eyes, I raise my hands and turn the palms to the sky…and I imagine that I’m not a man, but an eternity.
The roar is here…with all force that it has, hits the cliff on which I am standing … hits, crushes, breaks… the rocks are crumbling and tumbling into the boiling sea. I instinctively raise my palms to protect myself, holding them wide open, even though the force of the impact rips the skin from them…I stand…I endure…the pain is inevitable, the pain is a catharsis, the pain is the beginning. The roar is deafening, the wind mixes rain and the sea, creating water arrows that rip the air that I breathe, the ground trembles, the sky is splitting. A blood rushes through my veins and I remove palms, baring my face and at the top of my voice, I scream: “Enough!!!
At that very moment the roar stops, the wind starts to become warmer, the rain slows downs, the clouds dissipate …
I lift the collar of my coat, turning my palms to the sky to wash out the blood and I stretch the bow of a victory smile on my tired face. I turn around, thinking that this is finally the end, it is over…
The clouds start to clog again, the lightning becomes more frequent and between them, in the distance, I hear the roar being born again.
I’m listening to the rain… and I imagine that I’m an eternity, an eternity that stopped this very morning in my half-dream, floating in a transparent space made of bubbles of my thoughts, memories and dreams.
I’m listening to the rain…