February 24, 2018

Nebojša Kavarić “CLOSE TO THE HEART”

Небойша Каварич - "Близко к сердцу"  from February 26 In the exhibition space of Art School DETAILS The art project "TOGETHER" presents  an exhibition of works by the  Balkan artist,  participant of the Venice Biennale of 2017,  Nebojša Kavarić "CLOSE TO THE HEART". с 26 февраля в выставочном пространстве Арт-школы ДЕТАЛИ Арт проект "ВМЕСТЕ" представляет  выставку...
February 20, 2018


A review is an emotional imprint that our work leaves on people's soul.  A review from a renowned art critic is always welcomed in the creative process of every artist, as it ignites inspirational forces at so many levels. Hereby, we would like to thank, from a bottom of our heart, our famous and well-known...
February 11, 2018

Keeper of the secrets

In the fluid interspace between the parallel universes, my world exists. A world made of high bare mountains, deep dark abysses and black trees without leaves. My home is an ancient temple, that sleeps on the dry, cracked ground. Hundreds of corridors, divided with mossy walls, hide the fragile pieces of my soul. At crumbled...